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Scott Wagner jeopardizes our children’s futures

Scott Wagner does not value investing in our children’s future. He supported Republican Governor Tom Corbett’s $1 billion cut to public education, which resulted in mass teacher layoffs, cuts to important programs like pre-kindergarten, and larger class sizes. He recently co-sponsored Senate Bill 2, which could cut up to $1.7 billion from our public schools and would do nothing to address the achievement barriers faced by struggling public schools.

The Associated Press reported following a debate in March that Wagner “would be unwilling to devote more money to public schools” and that he “believes the state spends ‘enough money’ on public schools.”

There’s a pattern of Wagner not supporting public education. Wagner advocated for laying off 10% of Pennsylvania’s teachers, asserting that “we’d never miss them,” voted against school safety funding, and refuses to support stronger background checks which puts our children’s safety at risk.

And after the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education asked for a funding increase, Wagner dismissed it as “ridiculous” and said the entire system would be done in four years because he would not continue to fund them.

Pennsylvania’s children deserve better than Scott Wagner.

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Pennsylvania’s seniors deserve better than Scott Wagner

Scott Wagner’s policies will harm our seniors, making it much more difficult for them to receive the care they need and to support themselves financially. He wants to gut Medicaid, leaving Pennsylvania seniors without health care and forcing them out of nursing homes.

On top of this, Wagner also wants to tax seniors’ retirement incomes, which have been hard-earned after decades of honest work. Further, he supported Donald Trump’s plan to charge seniors an age tax on their health care plans.

Our seniors deserve better than Scott Wagner, a candidate who will reduce their access to much needed health care and cripple their ability to support themselves financially.

Wagner wants to strip away Pennsylvanians’ health care

Following the lead of Donald Trump, Scott Wagner wants to demolish the Affordable Care Act. As Governor, he would strip health care from millions, raise costs for middle-class families and seniors, gut protections for people with preexisting conditions, and increase premiums for Pennsylvanians.

Wagner has also promised to roll back Medicaid expansion, favoring pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry over Pennsylvanians. If elected, Wagner will continue his crusade to kick seniors out of nursing homes, deny treatment to those suffering from substance use disorder, and strip health care from those with disabilities.

Under Governor Wolf’s leadership, over 720,000 Pennsylvanians have gained access to health care through Medicaid expansion and the uninsured rate has dropped to the lowest in modern history. If Scott Wagner were elected governor, he would roll back all of Governor Wolf’s progress.

Wagner puts political ambition before the people of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania remains the only major gas-producing state in the nation that does not have a commonsense tax on oil and natural gas.

Wagner has been caught conspiring with Republican leadership to stop a severance tax, saying: “You cannot let this severance tax get through … because if that happens the governor is going to get reelected.” Wagner’s opposition proves he’s not on the side of Pennsylvanians. He’s beholden to special interests.

This is further illustrated by reports that show big oil and gas has spent over $60 million dollars on lobbying and political donations to Scott Wagner and his cronies so that they can continue to avoid paying a commonsense severance tax.

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